Brad and his team are magicians! Our most complicated material got forged into short powerful presentations that moved people to action. They taught us how to cut our preparation time from days to literally minutes. My people call it being “Boyerized”.

David Whitlock
CEO, Leigh Stowell Research

Let a Cave Man Save You Time

From the beginning of time, stories have been used to capture wisdom and move audiences to action.  It’s possible that cave paintings were the first business presentations! In the Information Age, the ability to take complex information and turn it into an inspiring story has become an even more important skill.  Why? Storytelling cuts through the clutter of infobesity and gets to the most powerful meanings – fast!

Recent Comments

  • There is no such thing as boring material – not when I use this method”
  • My customer was delighted after I only took 12 minutes to tell my story”
  • If everyone did it this way, my group would save thousands of hours each year”

Participants Will Learn:

  • To seriously cut preparation time using the PRESENTATION ACTION MAP™ system
  •  Why all presentations are action-based stories
  •  Engaging the audience depends on story structure
  •  The way to make a presentation flow
  •  How to create messages that stick for months and maybe years
  •  To avoid the “data dump” traps
  •  The best way to create slides for any kind of audience
  •  How to translate over-written slides into quick story telling moments

Prerequisite Web based pre-work


Suggested Format:  2 days live – group size varies – 1 day of virtual follow up sessions*


Alternative Format: 1 day live – virtual follow up sessions – 90 minutes, teams of 2 – 3

                                        * Group size may vary depending on the goals of the client

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