Presenting for Action does more than help your communication through an easy process and action-orientation.  It helps you be more aware of what your impact is on others.  It can be a life changing experience!

Katia Facchetti
Global Chief Marketing Officer

A Small Group, Intensive Experience

This workshop is designed to take you to your full level of excellence in creating and delivering presentations. The class is kept small (8 participants) so that we can give you the individual attention you need. Our operating principles are simple and challenging:

  • Communication is always a moment of leadership – take charge!
  • “Informing” is never enough, you must always drive towards action

Recent Comments

  • “My presentation went from 40 pages to 12 – my boss loved it”
  • “The exercises were intense, but boy did my delivery become dynamic”
  • “I showed them just 2 slides – it changed the entire marketing strategy”
  • “My prep time went from days to literally minutes”
  • “Before, I would have been terrified to present to 250 people, but I did it! ”

Through Video Replay And Candid Feedback Participants Will Learn:

  • How the audience truly sees you – and how to let your strengths show
  • The ways to build trust so that people take action
  • How to turn your anxiety into a dynamic delivery
  • To seriously cut preparation time using the PRESENTATION ACTION MAP™ system
  • How to create messages that stick with the audience – in a fraction of the time
  • To avoid the “data dump” traps
  • The best way to create slides for any kind of audience

Standard format:  3- day group intensive for 8 participants


Alternative format: 2- day group intensive plus 1-hour personal coaching sessions

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