I used to hate getting stopped in the hallway! Now I have the skills and attitudes that work in all kinds of spontaneous and challenging situations.

Ed Martin
Senior Fellow C.M.O. Council Campaign Director, Pause To Support A Cause

You’re Not Ready, But You’re On!

Real life presentations are often spontaneous affairs that don’t allow for preparation. This class helps sales professionals, engineers and managers prepare for those unpredictable situations. Each participant will learn how to create clear, flowing presentations on the spot, using audience input as a guide. To keep the learning practical, teams will role-play actual situations including realistic questions, interruptions and “rat holes” (difficult questions).

Recent Comments

  • “Knowing what to do really takes the pressure off so I can think”
  • “I feel like I have my power back”
  • “This made me realize that I was blurting and blabbing – not anymore!”
  • “I’ve stopped thinking of the people who stop me as the enemy“

Participants Will Learn:

  • Mental preparation using the PRESENTATION ACTION MAP™ system
  • When answering is a trap and how to avoid it
  • How to answer quickly without rushing or get them to wait
  • Ways to take complex questions apart on the fly
  • To create messages that stick for months and maybe years
  • How to create impromptu visual aids
  • Techniques for defusing hostile questions
  • Ways to plan for the spontaneous moments

Suggested Format: Individual pre-work, 2 day live -16 people maximum


Alternative format: 2- day group intensive plus 1-hour personal coaching session

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