Are They With You – Or Are They Doing Email?

It’s a fact. The number of remote meetings is increasing while the satisfaction with them continues to drop. Why? Because we’re still using a “face-to-face” mentality to run our virtual meetings. A different set of skills is needed. This training gives you what it takes to make dynamic virtual meetings the new standard instead of the rare exception.

Recent Results – Meeting Time Cut By 66%!

Using our methods, one of our clients took their phone presentations from an average of 1 hour each to just under 20 minutes. “Our client feedback has been extremely positive. Plus we now have the time to have deeper conversations.”

It’s The Fundamentals That Make The Difference

It’s easy to look at virtual presenting and think it’s a matter of learning new software. But, this medium is much more than that. Because of the lack of physical presence, communication takes on a whole new level of complexity. Things that matter in a face to face presentation matter three times as much in a virtual world. That’s why we focus on the fundamentals as well as the software.

Participants Will Learn:

  • The differences between visceral and virtual presentation – why stories work best
  • How to construct a story out of any data – and make it flow
  • Making your voice work to build trust with the audience
  • How to construct questions that create true participation
  • What to do in the crucial first minutes of a virtual meeting that create participation
  • How to avoid the “presentation as documentation” trap
  • The best way to deliver visuals with clarity and speed

Virtual Format:

1) Digital Pre-work 2) 90 min. virtual work session for 10 people (2 sessions of 5)

3) Digital Post-work 4) 90 min. virtual coaching sessions; 5 units with 2 people in each

Blended Format:

1) Digital Pre-work 2) A one day, face-to-face training for 10 people

3) Digital Post-work 4) 90 min. virtual coaching sessions; 5 units with 2 people in each

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