I’ve worked with Boyer Communications when I was an executive at Pepsi and Turner Broadcasting. Their philosophy transformed my writing. I became concise and clear. Now my purpose in any business communication is always action.

Lisa Fernow
President, Fernow Consulting

After All That Work – Did Anyone Read It?

The same words that can get an “A” in a traditional writing class can be a disaster in today’s action-based business world. The real issues? Did they read it? Did they take the action you wanted? Did you look good in the process?

Writing For Action aims for the bottom line, where documents get read and things get done. Through exercises, individual coaching and work on real material, students learn solutions to any kind of business writing. The training is fun, intensive, and it lasts.

Special Email Emphasis: Empty Your Inbox!

  • Avoid the two major blunders that kill email results
  • Boost writing speed
  • Grab reader’s attention in seconds
  • Move readers to action fast
  • Know when to use email, when not
  • The best methods to control the inbox so that it doesn’t control you

About Complex Documents, Participants Will Learn:

  • How to write with clarity, speed and power
  • To organize documents that hold attention from beginning to end
  • The importance of putting “the meat” up-front – no one has time to dig for your ideas
  • Editing for brevity and power… less is often more in writing
  • Visual design for fast reading, because the eye is quicker than the word

Standard Format: 1½ day face-to-face for 12 people


Alternative Format: Virtual coaching for small groups and one-to-one

Fun Read. Fast Payback.

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