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Are You Breaking Through The Noise?

Since the days of the cave, leaders have stood, spoken and made things happen. Survival depended on it. That truth hasn’t changed and never will.

But, the Information Age has made your job harder. You’re working against unparalleled levels of noise, data and distraction. Do you need and want to break through? Then see if the “Boyer’s Laws” below intrigue you.

If they do, let’s have a candid conversation.

#1 Make Action Your Absolute

The very first exercise I’ll do with you will prove why business communication is fundamentally action focused. I work from the idea that in business, if you aim to just inform people, you succeed in wasting time.

I believe so strongly in the absolute of action, that I offer this challenge: Show me a business communication that is inherently not about action, I will pay you $1,000. But, if I find the action, you pay me.

#2 Communication Is Always A Moment Of Leadership

If it’s always about action, then every time you communicate you’re asking people to follow your lead.

The best definition I’ve seen of leadership is just two words: Follow me. Is there anything more to say?

#3 Focus On Authenticity And They Will Follow

Action is based on trust. Trust is based on authenticity. So action communication isn’t about becoming what you aren’t, it’s about showing more of who you are. Audiences are very fair. What you bring to them is exactly what they will give to you. So, are you willing to go “all in”?

Is Seeing Believing?

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