Great Business Stories In A Fraction Of The Time

Let Us Liberate Your Delivery

Our team is made up of professional performers; we can help you deliver with a power you may not have experienced before. The first step? Get a story you can deliver – you can’t bring passion to a “phone book”.

“Data Dumps” Don’t Work

How many slide presentations will you see this year?
How much stuff will be on those slides?
Do the documents and emails you read get to a point? When?
How much time is wasted creating all that informing that doesn’t work?
That’s Infobesity. Our system is the cure

Our Answer – Do Less Informing And More Storytelling

All business communication is about action. No exceptions. And storytelling is still the best-known method to create the trust necessary to drive action

Our PRESENTATION ACTION MAP™ was created from the time-tested principles of Hollywood screen play structure and the absolutes of brain science. That’s why it works every time.

Is Seeing Believing?

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