Your Sales Stories Are Damaged By Infobesity – Fight Back!

Why Your Customers See Data Dumps

Through candid conversations, surveys and observations, we’ve identified some of the root issues behind weak or bloated sales stories:

Insights Managers view:

“The guidance is vague and last-minute, so I send everything I can find”

Result; wasted time, disengagement
Dozens of generic slides…

Brand Managers view:

“My presentations get checked and added to by everybody. Why did they hire me?”

Result; wasted time, low morale
More slides with more data…

Sales Managers view:

“70% of their time is used for admin and travel, my people don’t have time to create a story.”

Result; wasted time, more slides
Data dumped on customers…

Admit It. Your Sales Team Is Swamped.

Are your sales people rehashing slides sent from headquarters, when they could be in front of the customer? Is consistent product messaging in the field a crapshoot? Did you spend money on training only to get mixed results?

The new era of Infobesity has polluted every step of the sales story process, and it could be costing you big time – literally.

The Boyer Story-Wright System – A Step By Step Streamlining System.

Most selling stories pass through multiple development stages. Every stage is an opportunity to add clutter or clarity. Guess which one happens most often?

The Boyer Story-Wright System makes clarity a constant at every stage.
Ask for our free pamphlet to get more details.

From Training To Tribal Rituals – It Takes Going “All In”.

Reclaiming thousands of hours for your sales team is the goal. Getting there, like all good things, is simple, but not easy. To do it correctly, you must be willing (at times) to kill the sacred cows; then barbecue and eat them. So before you decide to take the plunge, ask for The Boyer Story-Wright System pamphlet.

The Boyer Story-Wright System

Fight Infobesity with our free pamphlet.



Is Seeing Believing?

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