From Fortune 500 companies to start-ups, I’ve always asked my teams to attend PRESENTING FOR ACTION™.
Even the most reluctant participants come back raving fans. Their comments include: “Demanding”, “Practical”, “Realistic”, “Fun”, Life-changing”, “Best training I’ve had in 20 years.

Ken Romanzi

Chief Operating Officer, Ocean Spray

If you want someone to help you get at the core of how you can be the best you can be, hire Brad. You will be amazed at the results.

Shelly Begun

SVP, Global Human Resources, ServiceNow

Brad is not only effective in conveying the technical skills, but also in providing thought provoking ideas in leadership.

Jay Cooper

SVP/GM Biscuit at Kraft

Whenever we have communication, presentation, or influence issues that need to be addressed, Brad is the most talented consultant that I’ve had the pleasure to work with.

Dolph Johnson

SVP, Human Resources at Hasbro, Inc

Brad is outstanding on helping Senior Executives develop both effective messages and the delivery of the message – a great process that works!!

Janet Sichterman

Senior VP Human Resources & Communications at Kent Corporation

(Previously VP Marketing at PepsiCo)…I’d recommend Brad for anyone looking to elevate their game in influencing audiences and selling ideas.

Michelle Spohnholz

VP Global Marketing Services at CSM Bakery Solutions

Brad’s class at Pepsi changed my life and transformed my presentation style. I went from fearful to forceful.

Sheri Betts

Vice President of Consulting at Management Performance International

We used Brad extensively at Frito-Lay. He is the best I know of in business communications and my number one choice for communication training.

Peter McNally

President at Purpose Growth Partners

Brad was my coach for a TedX event. He helped me create a cohesive story in less than one hour. He’s a genius.

Elizabeth Cardiello

CEO Café Unimatic

I hired Brad to train our entire Marketing team at the Hershey Company. His is the one course that we get the universal, enthusiastic response of “You must take this course!!! It will be the best couple of days you have spent in a long time!”

Michele Buck

SVP, Global Chief Growth Officer at The Hershey Company

Working with Brad was a phenomenal experience; it changed how I present. I enjoyed how he gets so personally immersed in the story. He helped enhance it beyond what I could do myself.

Liz Centoni

VP/GM SP Access, Cisco Systems

I had so much material, I didn’t know how I was going to get it down to nine minutes and make it work. Not only did Brad find the story, he found dimensions of it that I didn’t know existed.

Rishon Blumberg

Founder 10X Management – “Tech Stars Are Like Rock Stars”

Working with Brad was great.
He doesn’t hold back an ounce of energy in the pursuit of excellence

Dennis Kneale

Journalist WSJ, Forbes, Fox TV

Everyone has a passion. Brad was able to help me articulate mine so others could share it. He spent countless hours refining the story, finding the right visuals, and adding excitement to the story. But that wasn’t enough. He then worked countless hours with me to make sure I could confidently deliver the message. He is a dedicated pro. Yes he is a perfectionist who will not settle.

Brad Baker

Treasure Hunter Oddyssy Marine

Brad has one of those minds that “gets it” at incredible speed. I’ve put my trust in his story-creating abilities on several critical, last minute occasions because I had no doubt he’d come through.

George Kohlrieser

Director High Performance Leadership Program – I.M.D. Lausanne Switzerland – “Lessons In Leadership From A Hostage Negotiator”

I was amazed with how quickly Brad helped me put my authentic self into my presentation. Through working with him, I felt a deeper connection to the material and delivery. I look forward to working with Brad more in the future.

Mike Veny

CEO – Unleash Your Groove

Brad helped me dig deep to find a real and powerful story that was worth sharing onstage. Then he gave me the confidence and direction to deliver it to the best of my ability.

Michael Luchies

Entrepreneur & Writer  

I had no idea how entertaining my story could be until Brad got involved. With infectious enthusiasm and laser insight, he got my years of experience into a compelling 18-minute story.

Kimball Gallagher

Concert Pianist – Salon Performing For Artists

I don’t know who put in more hours on my talk, Brad or me. Story building, coaching my delivery even creating slides – he did it all! Now I’m a bit of a celebrity in my community.

Laura Klahre

Owner, Blossom Meadow Farm – “Increasing Food Production With Pollination”

Brad found a way to tap into a part of me that I hadn’t shared with many people. He listened, connected dots and truly cared about getting the whole truth on the table. By the way he built my story, he changed my relationship to myself. I will be forever grateful.

Elisabeth Cardiello

CEO Cafe Unimatic – “How A Coffee Pot Change My Life” – “Legacy Out Loud”

I’ve done a lot of public speaking, and I know I have strong material. But Brad helped me to focus my message, find something deeper and more compelling in my overall story, and bring it to its full potential – and he did all that in an hour!

Vivek J. Tiwary

Writer / Broadway Producer Founder, Tiwary Entertainment Group – “The Fifth Beatle”

Whether it’s for the Board Room or the Back Room, the Boyer Communications System works!

Paul Reppenhagen

Director of Marketing, Malt-O-Meal

Brad is the Story Samurai and the Message Ninja. His insights helped our start-up presentation go from rambling blah-blah to BOOM!

Kosta Stavreas

Founder & CEO, Company Thread

Brad gave each individual specific exercises that transformed their delivery. It was an inspiring thing to witness.

Shannon Lyon

Chief Business Development Officer, LaunchHouse

Working with Boyer Communications Group helps you be more aware of your impact and influence on others. It can be a life changing experience.

Katia Facchetti

Chief Marketing Officer, NBTY

It used to take me 10 hours to create a presentation and it was real work. Now it only takes 30 minutes and I feel energized by it.

David Whitlock

CEO, Leigh Stowell & Co.

During the workshop, I never laughed so hard and learned so much at the same time. The sessions are intense. Afterward your body just won’t take any more.

John Kennington

Senior VP of Sales, Ferrero USA

We knew our capabilities presentation could be better but didn’t know exactly what it needed. Brad did. From concept to execution, Brad’s input transformed the flow, focus and message. My confidence and enthusiasm when presenting has been renewed with Brad’s help.

Lynn Haviland

Managing Director, Applebaum Associates

"The material we started with was traditional business information. Brad transformed it into a personal and compelling story that I didn’t know was there. Then he guided me and encouraged me to take risks on every level – it paid off.

Michael Barkley

SVP/GM, Meals and Sides, Pinnacle Foods

My communication was greatly impacted for my TEDx FultonStreet talk by being humble and letting Brad show me what he was capable of. Brad Boyer is a teacher’s teacher. Thanks Brad, you give the type of gift that keeps on giving.

Kinja Dixon

2013’s Top Sales Executive in the World, Author of Universal Talk Laws

I’ve done a lot of public speaking, and I know I have strong material. But Brad helped me to focus my message, find something deeper and more compelling in my overall story, and bring it to its full potential – and he did all that in an hour!

Vivek J. Tiwary

Writer / Producer Founder, Tiwary Entertainment Group

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